In our family, Christmas caroling has been an annual tradition. It started when we were little tikes, singing in the children’s choir at Christmas time. Later, Mom and Dad would be caroling right with us. Their love of singing began in their teens and twenties, when Mom sang with her sisters for the soldiers at the USO and Dad performed with a big band.

It’s no surprise that we have carried on this wonderful family tradition. In fact, we have taken it a step further, making this Christmas Album.

Being influenced by the 40’s style of music and everything since then, we embarked on a professional singing career. Moving from Wisconsin to Colorado, where we continued to mature as a vocal group, we later moved to Los Angeles. Here, working with top arrangers and producers, we performed in various clubs and venues including The Hollywood Bowl. Among our performances in L.A. were TV shows-The Gong Show - (WE WON!!), The Big Break with Natalie Cole (similar to today's "American Idol"), and various other guest appearances.

Eventually we all moved back to Colorado, where we now call home.  All this time, we never stopped singing our Christmas carols.

When the idea was brought up by Mom, to create a Family Christmas Album, we couldn’t imagine how this would come about, with all of us now having other careers and families. We decided that the only way to make this happen would be to recruit the top talent from L.A. with whom we have worked before. We asked our friends Neil Argo and Bob Alcivar, very talented arrangers/producers/composers, to work with us in creating a memorable Christmas Album.

To make this a real Family Christmas Album, Mom and her sister Marlene, a concert pianist, have added their musical talents. So now, having come full circle, we present to you –- our Family Christmas Portrait.

Many thanks to those who have supported us along the way, from Valentine at Studio.V in Colorado Springs, who spent many hours with us perfecting our vocals in his studio, to Keith Wechsler, a magician at mixing and mastering albums, and our new friend, to our friend Shingi Nishida, our Mom and Dad, our sister Barbara, brothers Michael, David & Tom, and all of ours and their spouses and children, and of course our many great friends. This Christmas CD is dedicated to all of them and to all of you.

May God bless you and may you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

The Heffners - Kristine, Linda, Ave Maria & Jody